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Ahlan Wa Sahlan

LebTour is celebrating its 8th years of leading unique adventure tours for gay men and open-minded friends and family who enjoy tours with a gay flair.

Under the direction of Bertho Makso, president and owner, LebTour continues to offer exciting vacations to destinations as varied as Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Armenia, Oman, Egypt, Syria and Dubai.
What began with a passion for exploring the great attractions of Lebanon with small groups of like-minded people grew into a successful business with a faithful following of clients who have helped shape the future of the company.

We also take a very personal approach to our in-depth discovery of the culture and history of our destinations.
Bertho himself leads most of the trips as he’s a travel expert in the region, or an experienced tour leader will be taking the charge depending on the timing and capacities of the package. We visit the main attractions but do not shy from the offbeat, the unusual, and the downright amusing.

Today, we are glad to offer the popular trips to Istanbul, Beirut & Dubai as well as others destinations as far flung as Morocco, East & South of Turkey, Oman, Armenia and the popular Egypt.

We took our time to study the needs of the gay clientele and because of what, we have selected a number of hotels, around the destinations we promote, that we have selected and checked.

Whether it's for individual or group gay travelers, our team is glad to make the best service so you may enjoy your voyage with us.

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any inquiry; our team will be glad to assist you.
You can reach us by e-mail on: info@lebtour.com or by phone 00961.3.004572

"One's Destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" Henry Miller

Are you a single traveler?
Do not worry about it, because LebTour's devoted team will give you a once a life time experience discovering Lebanon.
LebTour offers a choice of packaged sightseeing tours to meet the requirements of even the most demanding tourists.
Find below the Packages we are offering in case you wish to book gay friendly 4 stars hotel stays, tours and excursions, for both Lebanon and Jordan.
In case further information are needed, do not hesitate to contact us, LebTour's team will be glad assisting you.
Package 2: Jordanian Escapade
  LebTour's Calendar - 2013
Discover Albania 2013
October 20 till October 28
The New Year in Beirut
December 28 till January 1
Awaking Sleeping Beauty–like in the 1990s from her hardline communist isolation, Albania was a stranger from another time. Her cities weren’t choked by car fumes, her beaches were unspoilt by mass tourism, her long-suffering people were a little dazed and confused. While things have changed a lot since then, this ancient land still offers something increasingly rare in Europe these days – a glance into a culture that is all its own. Raised on a diet of separation and hardship, Albania is distinctly Albanian.
Albania is a warm and sincerely hospitable country – with enough rough edges to keep it interesting.

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What better place to celebrate New Year’s than Beirut! Experience the unmatched beauty and charm of this famous city, as well as its friendly, captivating people.
Located between the mountains and sea, Beirut with it’s around 5000 years remain Lebanon’s capital; that offers delicious cuisine, terrific shopping, and stunning scenery.
Beirut LGBT venues are loaded with eye candy as far as the eye can see, and the night scene explodes with some of the best venues and music in the world.
Don’t think twice, if you are looking for an alternative New Year experience; as Beirut would be your perfect choice.

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Coming soon


Coming soon


The Royal Morocco: Marrakech, Fes & beyond
May 11 till 18

The Caucasus: from Yerevan to Tbilisi
July 11 till July 18

This itinerary is great for those who would enjoy exploring the Imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fez, and Marrakesh.
This is one of our top Morocco tours since it gives you time to visit cultural and historical sites, shop in the souks, stay in quaint riads,
and sample fine Moroccan cuisine.
If you'd like to enjoy the best of the Imperial Cities with a gay twist note that this itinerary is the best for you.
a 10% discount is guaranteed for IGLTA's members.


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The ex-Soviet republics of Georgia and Armenia occupy the farthest reaches of Europe and Asia, nestled in the Caucasus Mountains where ancient cultures once collided. Sandwiched between Russia, Persia and the Ottoman Empire, and at various times colonized by them all, Georgia and Armenia borrow elements of each but retain distinctive cultural identities and styles of architecture. The hospitality is amazing, as well as the cuisine, and the region remains well off the tourist circuit. For those looking for something intriguing, exciting and unusual, this trip shouldn't be missed.

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