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Zahle is the capital of the Bekaa, known as the red-roofed town. It occupies the eastern foothills of Mount Sannine . Its 945 meters altitude keeps the air light and dry.  

The city center extends along both banks of the touristy Bardouni River, where you can see numerous 18th century constructions such as churches, monasteries, houses and serial.

Zahle is famous outdoor restaurants, and for the excellent Wine and Arak that is produced in the area. When in Zahle it certainly is worth visiting the Nakad Vinyard as well as Ksara.

This city is the commercial capital for the Bekaa sector. And it’s known as an agriculture town, supplying markets with vegetables, fruit, grains and most importantly, grapes.

We advise you to visit this city during your journey to the Bekaa. And if you happen to be in Lebanon in September, it is a must to be present at the Zahle flower festival as well as the wine festival to absorb the atmosphere of celebrations. This is thoroughly enjoyable.