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Cedars are among the last survivors of the gigantic forests that lay across Mount Lebanon in ancient times. The most famous are the one of Bsharreh region, known as Arz Errab (the Cedars of the Lord), this forest is located 120 km north east of Beirut.

About 375 trees are what remain in this forest. Some between 1200 and 2000 years old, stand on slopes 1950 meters high. Not far from the 3088 meters peak of Qornet Essawda . This peak is known as the highest peak in the Middle East .

Ancient Phoenicians used the wood of the Cedars known scientifically as "cedrus libani" to build the ships and houses. This wood was used too for the commercial exchange with other societies in the neighborhood. From Lebanon 's cedar forests, King Solomon got the timber to build the famous temple and palace in Jerusalem. However, the Egyptian Pharaohs used the wood to carve their sarcophagi and sun-ships.

Nowadays, the village of the Cedars, over 2000 meters in altitude, is a very charming ski resort with hotels, chalets and sky lifts.

And never forget that the cedars nowadays, are the emblem of Lebanon and adorns its flag.