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Byblos is one of the most ancient cities of the world. Modern archaeology schools say that the site of Byblos go back to 7000 years ago, used to be known as “Gebal” while all the Lebanese coast used to be known as Canaan.

The Greek were the first to call this city by Byblos , which mean Papyrus in Greek because it was a florist commercial city for trade of papyrus. And they modified the name of Canaan into Phoenicia .

Byblos is 37 kilometers north of Beirut ; it's a flourishing place full of new buildings and crowded streets. Deep inside the city the ancient Phoenicians, Persians, Arabs and Crusader ruins remain, as a real sign of how important was the city.

The city is historically known; it used to be Egyptians pharaohs allied. Since Neolithic, it has diverse influences such as Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Fatimide, Mamluk, Crusader and Byzantine left numerous vestiges. Few meters outside the castle the ancient mosque and the old churches gives you a real idea on how used to be the life of the ancient Lebanese, a rich mixture full of peace and harmony.

The small shops of the oriental handcrafts in the ancient souks beside the Castle give you the possibility to by souvenirs with affordable prices.

We advice you to have a walk along the Cornish down next to the old harbor and take a meal in the maritime restaurants offering numerous sea food.