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The palace of Beiteddine has been built in the 19th century by Emir Bechir el Chehabi II (1788 -1840) in the region of the Shouf and it's considered as it's one of the Arabic architectural jewels. Just after Deir el Qamar and overlooking a terraced hill appears the palace of Beiteddine .

Under the rule of the Emir Bechir el Chehabi II, the infra structure has been set up and the water canalizations has been used wildly. Beiteddine is a historic monument; this palace has two large courtyards. The first part is the "Midane" which is a huge rectangular place for visitors, and a courtyard with a fountain in the middle for the royal private apartments. Overcome by impressing balconies made by wood and colored in an oriental way. The palace is Very well done, rich in sculpture and architecture stone work.

Wonderfully laid out, the gardens offer an extraordinary view of the region Finely sculpted doors and columns, in stone and wood make every single creep of the edifice a piece of art. A unique collection of mosaics from the Byzantine era is shown in the ancient stables, under the palace. A large part of the private apartments has been open to visitors for several years, the rest consist as the presidential Residence.

If you are visiting Lebanon during summer, a great art festival usually are organized every year. This takes place on an open-air stage; the festivals are usually having an international impact due on the high level of preparations.

Don't miss it that's our advice for you.