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Batroun is a costal city on the way to Tripoli, was known as "Batruna" in the famous Tell al Amarna letters of the 14th century B.C., even though the history of this city goes further back in the past. The town was called "Botrys" in Greco-Roman times and during the Crusader era it was a department depending politically to Tripoli.

The city nowadays is known for here fishing port, certainly of great archeological ruins. The city's tourist attractions can be discovered on foot by walking in the old part town. Don’t hesitate to check the crusaders castle lost in the city.

Don’t forget to visit the old churches of the city, find not far from the harbor the century-old Maronite cathedral of St. Stephan, view roads away, the beautiful 13th century Greek Orthodox Church of St. George and the tiny chapel Our Lady of the Sea. Don’t forget to check the sea walls on the shore, the residues of the Hellenistic and Roman times.