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LebTour was founded in 2005; we are the leading LGBT travel agent in Lebanon and since 2006, became the Local ambassador of IGLTA, the Gay & Lesbian Travel association.
All our employees have an excellent knowledge of gay destinations & spots all over the destinations we cover.
We remain the first and only LGBT friendly operator in destinations like Lebanon, Armenia, Georgia and Oman. And we remain among the few Arabic Speakers in destinations like Egypt, Morocco or even Jordan.
We deal with a list of hotels that are carefully selected and checked, we have also designed our tours especially for the gay traveler, making sure that they are all tried and trusted.
Whether it's for individual, group, corporate, or student travel, our team is glad to make the best service so you may enjoy your voyage with us.
Concerning any inquiry, related to our company. Do not hesitate to contact us; our team will be glad to assist you. You can reach us by e-mail on: info@lebtour.com or by phone 00961.3.004572

Bardo: Clemenceau Street, Sanyeh area beside Haigazian University, Beirut
Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mixed cuisine restaurant, where They mix the Lebanese food to the far eastern like Chinese & Vietnamese. Booking is required during weekend.

Wolf: Mankhoul Street, Hamra - Beirut
Bears and wolves bar. Open from Thursdays till Sundays.

Life Bar: Liban Street, Tabaris, Ashrafieh - Beirut
Small yet cozy, mostly frequented by girls

Dark Box: Monot Street, Ashrafieh - Beirut
Mostly known for the Transsexuals and gigolos.

OBLADI: Liban Street, Tabaris, Ashrafieh - Beirut
Frequented by girls


Saint Georges Beach Resort: located on the Marina of Beirut Marina facing Phoenicia Intercontinental
Open every day during summer. Note that the Saint Georges is not an openly gay pool, so be discreet.

The Riviera Resort: located on the sea side Cornish of Beirut. it offers the best pool service in Beirut. Recently renovated and host of the biggest beach events in Beirut. it became a new hot spot of the community, but be aware of the families and straight crowds.

The Paradise Open Beach:  located in Byblos (40Km north of Beirut). Cross all the resorts like Edde Sands to the left side - where there are no resorts on the shore. Mostly young occupy that side of the Beach.
Helem: 174, spears str. Beirut – Tel: 01 745092 Homepage: www.helem.net
Lebanese LGBT organization, the main objective is the fight for the LGBT rights, as well as health awareness among the LGBT community.

Meem: meem@meemgroup.org Homepage: www.meemgroup.org
Meem is a community of and for LBTQ women in Lebanon. LBTQ is defined as women who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, in addition to women questioning their sexual orientation.

Marsa Sexual Health Center: Myrtom House building, Second floor - Mexico street- near Hagazian University
Clemenceau - Beirut
E-mail: info@marsa.me - Tel:  +961 1 737 647
The main objective of the center is to provide social, psychological, and medical services to all sexually active individuals in Lebanon regardless of gender, age, and sexual orientation in complete confidentiality.

Raynbow Email: raynbow.org@gmail.com Homepage: www.raynbow.net & http://raynbowmonitor.wordpress.com
Raynbow is a Lebanese Gay group committed to empowering LGBT activism in Lebanon through fund raising and media awareness. Raynbow has launched the "Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor" on Facebook in June 2009 to spread awareness about LGBT issues and empower the LGBT community and recruit straight allies.
Warning: Cinemas & Dark Rooms are very risky.
Beware of thieves and of undercover police.

These Movie theatres show old American & international movies - straight erotic and mainstream films.

Cinema El Kanar: located in Burj Hammoud, El Nahr Side - Beirut

Cinema Royal: located in Cornish el Nahr – Nabaa side - Beirut

Cinema Plaza: located in Mar Doumit str. Sin el Fil – Nabaa - Beirut

Very busy. Best crowd can be found here
Milk by POSH: Port De Beyrouth area - Beirut

Milk is a trendy place where gay people gather on Thursdays, Saturday & Sundays. (Oriental music on Sunday) very crowded on Sunday.

Ghost Bar: Saloumeh - Dekweneh - Behind Freeway Center - Beirut
Ghost, previously known as Acid before being moved to it’s new location is known to be the first gay place in the Middle East. It consists of a big dance floor, with a large bar. A fixed entrance fee cover an open bar menu.
Excessive same sex affections and body contacts are not tolerated.
Great place to meet new friends and enjoy the LGBT scene of Beirut. Crowded on both Friday and Saturday.
Bryan Batt
Hammam Shahrazade: located in Bourj Hamoud - Beirut
Remains the most Clean and modern style bathhouse with cruising amongst customers, crowded during weekends. Good massage. Be discreet.
Hammam El Agha: located in Verdun area, behind the Bristol Hotel  - Beirut
the most recent Hammam of Beirut, Modern yet traditional, clean but a bit more expensive than others. Be discreet.

Hammam al Abed located in the Gold souk of the old city in Tripoli
The oldest hammam in Lebanon, located in a 400 years building. Very discreet action takes place! Be aware.
Warning: Cruising areas are very risky.
Beware of thieves and of undercover police.

Commentary: All "At Your Own Risk" and specify clearly what you want and whether money is involved:

Industrial area - Jdeideh - Dekweneh, not far from the new bridge high way - Dekweneh – Ashrafieh.
You will feel it, especially with the traditional eye contact process.

Rawshe Cornish - cruising is frequent on the Cornish, lots cross the fences in front of the famous pigeon rock; there inside the bush some may have action.
Dbayeh - Marina Cornish - Beirut side, not far from the Golden Beach Resort.  Late night, the place is partly gay.

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